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Husband and wife relationship

Marriage Entails A Lot: Six Most Significant Things One Must Know Before Getting Married

The union between a man and a woman after they have gone through the laid down processes prescribed by the society to become husband and a wife or better still Marriage is not an easy thing as people perceive. People get into marriage without or little knowledge of certain vital things.

Below are six most significant things one must know before getting married.

Sex gets better. Yes, seriously. When you’re first married you can’t imagine it being any better. But with time and stress the jets stop roaring. So, you just need to keep relighting and reinventing. And sex will get better than you ever imagined. Or anyone else can imagine.

What you see is not what you get. Before marriage everyone puts on their best act. But when married, with every day stress, you just can’t fake it. So before marrying really get to know your potential spouse. It’s way better not to get married than to get unmarried.

You’ll fight, so learn to fight fair. I know, it seems impossible you’d ever argue. But trust me when you’re locked up with someone sharing life the clashes will happen. So learn how to attack the problems without attacking each other. Oh, and then make up. That’s the best part.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Sometimes you’ll wonder, “What is she thinking?” Or, “Why did he do that?” And it’s easy to challenge every quirk and constantly battle. Instead, learn to chill. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And realize most is small stuff. You’ll both be a lot happier.

Grace is more important than winning. You’ll argue. Often about dumb stuff. Comes with the territory. Learn when you’ve talked it through to let it go. Give the forgiveness and grace you’d like to receive. Winning your relationship is worth far more than winning an argument.

Commitment overcomes feelings. Before marriage you feel madly in love. You can’t imagine ever not. But with time the feelings can subside. It’s easy to go looking somewhere else. Instead, honor your commitment. Learn to fan the flames and fall in love with your spouse over and over.

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