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Keys to a happy relationship

There are different kinds of relationships; friendly, family, dating and marriage relationships. These tips are mainly for those in dating relationships but it can apply to the other types of relationships though less applicable to the non-romantic ones.

Dating is not as easy as what has been sold to as in movies and fairytales. It requires mutual commitment and hardwork for it to be healthy and long lasting; forever as some would put it. 

I am no relationship expert but i hope you learn a thing or two from these secrets I'm about to share with you for a successful healthy relationship. 

1. Communication 

I know you have heard this time without number that communication is the key to a happy relationship. Surprisingly this is hard to do for people who find themselves dating though they make be chatting or hearing from each other every single day. Communication goes beyond that. It involves telling your person everything, from what he did that upset you to what made you happy, communicating your fears, future plans etc. Good communication takes into account the way things are said so as not to hurt your partner. The goak is to get a message across nit to be hurtful. Gestures nade during conversation should be taken into consideration as those are another form of communication and could mean something you did not imply.

Learn to listen to your partner. Talk about everything and anything. Don't expect the other person to know how you are feeling concerning something. Open your mouth and talk.. 


In as much you want the world to know how happy you are when you're with this person and your feelings towards them, somethings must be kept private. It preserves the mystery of relationship and leaves people wondering. Try your best not give out everything happening in the relationship to an outsider (unless a counselor or therapist). Do your best to resolve conflicts without an external party. 

3 Service 

Healthy relationships require service from each other. It's not going to be 50/50 always. Where you fall short, your partner might be strong. Be the one in a relationship to help your partner grow in every aspect of life and step into what or whosoever they are to become. Do this without expecting anytthing in return. If both of you approach the relationship this way then you will both flourish. 

4. Financial freedom

Don't expect what you cannot give in a relationship. Make sure you have something going for yourself financially. Do not depend solely and heavily on your partner. There's nothing wrong with asking for financial assistance from each other but have your own thing. Appreciate the efforts of your partner if they are the only one in the relationship with financial freedom and cut your coat according to your size. 

5. Spirituality

Prayer is a game changer. To know whether your partner is truly for you, you need to pray. You need to pray in good times and in bad. Commit the ways of your partner and yourself into God's hands and He will keep you both tight as a unit no matter what. 

6. Forgiveness 

Be ready to forgive your partner a lot even for obvious and dumb things. No human is perfect so don't expect perfection from your partner. To err is human and they would err countlessly. It's better to come to terms with this so that when they do you can easily forgive them. 

7. Bespoke love

Remember that your partner is different from you. Your interpretation of love might not coincide with theirs. You need to find out what makes them feel loved and how they want to be loved and make efforts to love them that way. 

8. Contentment 

Don't compare your partner or relationship with with that of others. Allows look out for your own happiness and goals. Do things that will help you both in the long run. 

9. Investment 

Invest time and energy in learning more about your partner and the things they love and care about. Invest in sharing new experiences and creating memories with them. Go to the movies or travel together. In doing so your are strengthening the bond you have with each other. 

10. Respect each other 

Respect your partner even when you don't see eye to eye on certain things. Respect their opinions and do not expect them to agree with you always Do not demand respect. The only way of teaching something is being an example of that thing itself. If you want to be respected, start by being repectful of them. 

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