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Shouldn't love, not age, be the deciding factor in a relationship?

The cliché "the heart does what the heart wants" couldn't be more true. 

We truly have no control over who we fall in love with. 

Love doesn't seem to mind whether anyone is older or younger, but some people we do.

People fret over age gaps because of the negative stigma they carry in society. 

That is why, when we establish feelings for people who are not in our age group, we believe our feelings are incorrect

Love is said to be blind, and in many instances, this is valid. 

For example, love has no regard for the age of the partner and occurs when it is meant to. 

Even though she is 31 years old and he is 25, they have an undeniable chemistry that makes their world a happier place when they are together. 

Alternatively, a couple can have a lovely relationship despite the fact that he is ten years her senior. what do you think? share you thoghts in the comment section below.👇

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