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Remember The Two Men Who Exchanged Their Wives? See What's Happening to Them Now

In Africa strange never seize to happen and these things have happened over the years. One of such thing that happened was the swapping of wives between two men by means of a mutual agreement supervised by the local leader identified as the Chief Wafula.

When both of them were asked why they took this decision, they said they were looking for joy that their old wives couldn't offer them when they needed it. Christopher Bere, a wife of Lilian Weta was one of them as well.

Christopher revealed his true satisfaction at the exchange agreement after Lilian Weta had given to him in exchange of his former his ex-wife Immaculate.

The two new couples have the chance to meet with their children monthly in the child department of busia, in accordance with their agreement.

This is seen by many as inappropriate considering the fact that it's a strange practice and a move that depicts the true culture of Africa, but in this world many things happen that makes us wonder if the world would soon end or not.

Do you think this is right in our society? let's hear your own opinion

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