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5 Ways To Make A Woman Miss You When You Are Not Around(Read More)

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1. Do things without her: some guys when they are in a relationship, they end up doing everything with their girlfriend even to go and buy clothes, phones, laptop, or visit a friend. And that's wrong something do things without her make decision on your own. When you back from work or you ate less busy, move out and hangout with your friends and once she notices that you are not at home and you having fun with your friends you will notice that she will miss you so much. 

2. Keep your distance physically: a woman can't miss you if you are always around, when ever you both are together don't sit next to her give her a little distance, such will make her to start missing you. 

3. Miss her: always tell her you miss her because once you do such will make her to recall how you both normally be before the love, fun, gist, hangout etc. Once she do surly we will miss u too. 

4. Offer to help when you're around: when ever you are at home, make sure you make her do some Work in the house, always try to be helpful when ever you are at home. Don't let her do all the works alone help her do mostly thr heavy ones so whenever you not at home and she's doing some woek in the house she will remember you, and be like I wish my love is at home he could've helped me out, (I miss him so much😍) 

5. Create a gap: something even do you have nowhere to go just move to a friend house and spend about 2-3hrs in his house and then come back home, such will make her to miss you so much. 

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