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"Does This Portray True Love?"-Ghanaians React After Coming Across A Picture Online

Marriage counsellors always advise that couples must always assist each other to create a continual harmonious love between them. For this reason, some husbands join their wives in doing household chores such as washing, cooking, tidying up the environment, bathing their children among others.

Some people also consider these acts as shameful on the part of the men, some even see it as the lady using spiritual powers (juju) to bend the man to his will. Some ladies also assist their men in paying bills and others take part in financing the home. Some people also consider women who assist their husbands financially as being 'foolish' and 'unwise.

Looking at the picture above, the man has their baby strapped at his back, this normally the work of women in marriages. If a man straps a baby and moves into town, a lot of people will be looking at her as if they have not seen that before because it is not our culture for him to do that.

The man in your picture above is busily and happily washing bowls with the baby stepped at his back as the lady sit down pressing his phone. She is probably chatting with someone as the husband do the household chores.

Some Ghanaians especially the ladies said that this is true love and men who understand the meaning of true love mostly do these things. Others also said that the lady could have taken their baby for the man to wash the bowls. They argued that this act is not loving but the lady has used 'juju' on the man.

Check out some reactions to this photo below:

A Facebook user known as Joanita K Lorlornyo reacted that "Not this way, do things together, help each other, not leaving everything to one person".

Another Facebook user known as Nana Acolatse also reacted that "This is not Christian love. It's juju love, that guy needs deliverance. Guys pray for him".

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