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What do girls do when they see a crush?

Girls are the most emotional beings as compared to boys. They normally reveal their emotions by sobering or crying a lot. The does not care of the end results of their actions until they are satisfied with what they are doing.

They normally reacts when they see a guy who is up to their requirements whether in public or alone as guys also do. They can rush and force a conversation with the guy, and can even request for his number as the boys do.

They shows some known gestures that shows clearly that they are really enjoying the small stay with the guy smiling all along the conversation as if they have never done that before.

It is not bad or culturally outrage to do that as a Lady because if you let him go, he will be missen forever.

After their conversations they will research deeply and post the guys picture on any platform with many catching captions like "one in all" "new lovely friend" and a lot of stuffs. They can normally scrutinize the Guy's pictures in abnormal manner.

This really shows a balanced system when your a youth.

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