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5 Spicy tricks on how to stop chasing women and get them chase you instead (read more)

Having the women in your neighborhood is a dream come true but many guys fail to realize the power they have to attract the right kind of women. They appear to be too nice to the lady and that pushes them to the friend zone within a twinkling of an eye. That is not the wish of many guys but it actually turns out to be their faith. There are spicy tricks laid down to keep you in check whenever you are with the woman you want to attract.

Most guy tend to picture the woman as high standard and that is a quick mental setback you have. That means, you have already accepted defeat before even approaching the girl of your dreams. What usually attract woman differs from how guys are also attracted to ladies. Normally, guys are attracted by physical appearance of the ladies but is not in the case of the woman. They tend to look a the masculine character you possess, how good you express yourself and how interesting you love your life.

Guys, this is the time to arm yourself with the tactics and tools to unlock a woman heart to start chasing after you. This might be a mere dream but it can be reality if you diligently follow the piece of hints I'm going to drop here.

1. Spark her emotions

This is an interesting tool to have to get women chasing after you. Women are driven by emotions 100% and you get to spark the attraction you want from her the right way. Many guys do that by trying to be the nice guy type but they later find themselves nowhere. I mean they get to the friend zone. Don't be a victim.

2. Speak slowly

Wow, I've come to realize that speaking slowly to the girl you want to attract is a powerful tactics. That doesn't mean you should be boring your conversation with her. Be mindful of you talk and don't say anything to bring her attention and attraction for you down. That is a good tip and you can try that.

3. Use the fractionation method

Well, I guess you thinking what is the fractionation all about. This involves making your target fall through an emotional rollercoaster conversation. It would make her feel both high and low during your conversation with her. It is very powerful and effective in your dealings with women.

5. Be yourself

You don't need to be an Instagram model before you can make a woman fall in lo e with you. Just be yourself and follow the laid down principles I've given to you and you would be surprised about the results.

Thanks for reading, I prophesy that you would get your crush. if you believe type Amen in the comment section. Please follow @real-gist. Don't forget to share to other guys to get to know about this wonderful strategy.

Content created and supplied by: @real-gist (via Opera News )


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