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Guy, 10 Things You Should Not Do For A Girl No Matter How Pretty Her Body Is

Greeting, this write up is just my guess and of course from the general point of view of "MEN" from the outside. This is not a red pill case at all, or just… However, it is a “you have to do the right thing” case.

1. Never put yourself at a disadvantage to please him: you are worthless. Believe me, you used to be, your mother, your father. Indeed, his extended family was before him. 2. Don't let me in during the financial crisis: to all my 18-year-old boys who want a boyfriend in the public interest, please never let them help you with your problems unless you want your problems resolved in the city when things go wrong ...unless he's also willing to double it in CASH for them in the future, and never in kind. They don't understand "kindness".

3) Never tell everything about yourself. Make a reservation and let him know himself if he wants to know what you respect, win respect.

4) Don't explain anything to him when he's angry: Please give him a place to calm down, explain the logic behind everything to him and throw this explanation away…. We don't need that here!

5) Never teach a friend in a two-person room at home*: You and I know that you don't want to show discipline by teaching when you visit. Uncle, are you a man at all? He had a better chance of not learning anything else in a relaxed atmosphere. Save this and do what it takes! 6) Your parents should be the last place to "meet" and "go". However, this could change a bit if you decide to get serious about marrying her.

No one should go and show false responsibility to my innocent mother before she hits me if it gets any worse...

7) He never allowed her to live with you until you got married. This is a sin before Jesus and God. you hate him...

Please spare feelings and respect for the welfare of the marriage. That will help.

8. Don't show your weakness: women know how to take advantage of this area. You have an A1 in the focus area mentioned above from a previous university.

9) Never make the mistake of showing or disclosing your financial worth. If you do, you'll be lost... My business is writing, yours is adding meaning!

10) Never go wrong by telling him that you can do anything for him. Tell him you can do what's right for him. beat the cult on their behalf. No, "you will die in the race" until your kingdom comes

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