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My Sister-in-law Is Making Me And My Children Suffer - Widow Shares Her Sad Story

A widow, Shirley is living with her three children in distress after her sister-in-law took her source of living from her. Shirley together with her late husband built a house on the husband's father's land and rented out some of the rooms in the family house.


The money from the rooms they rented out was shared between Shirley's husband and her sister, Comfort. But after Shirley's husband died, the sister-in-law refused to give a penny from the rented house to Shirley and her children. Shirley said her husband died mysteriously four years ago whiles he was taking his bath.

The House

Her husband has only two sisters together with him. One of them who lived abroad arrived in the country after her husband died and quarrelled with a tenant, sacked her so she could get a place to stay during her time in Ghana. That sister-in-law also died 4 months after arriving in the country.

Shirley And Her Sister-in-law, Comfort

The family was now left with Comfort Wilson who had taken charge of all the properties and had refused to give a penny to her late brother's family. In her defence, she said the money was not enough for her and her family since she was not working, although she lived with her husband and children.

For all these 4 years, Shirley has struggled to take care of her children with some petty trading she is doing. She is now seeking the help of a lawyer to plead her case. 

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Shirley The House


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