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A Guy Run For His Life After He Was Caught Recording A Lady On Treadmill, (+Video).

A video on social media shown how a young guy had run for his life after he was caught red-handed recording a woman with big butts in a gyms center. 

The lady with her boyfriend went to gym center for some nobody training. While they were on a treadmill. Another young man who was found seated at her back starting recording a video of the the lady as her backside shakes uncomfortable. 

Unfortunately for this guy, the gym instructor caught him and the guy was smart enough to stop the recording. Upon seeing how the bearded monster and macular body instructor gazing at him with offensive protruding eyes he has to pretend as if he had an incoming call on his phone and run for his life before the man bounce on him.

Honestly that was very rude and disrespectful act, recording someone without their knowledge let alone a lady in that matter. 

But was it right for the gym instructor to spare this guy? Maybe he considered him for another day.

Please watch the Video.

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