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Someone Likes You For Who You Are

"Regardless of how negative or positive one is there is someone elsewhere who cherishes how one is in life."

In life,there are differences as well as choices among people. One likes this and another likes that. Somebody is disliked at a place whiles another person elsewhere wished that person would have been in his life every day.

Do not be let down because you are rejected in life. Rejection will always be there for everyone. It is a component of life. But there is one elsewhere who accepts you or is longing to have you in his life. Be reminded that even if all things in life reject you, your bed shall accept you. You should not be let down in life just like that since life gives everyone varieties of things. Even times in life come with varieties. Rejection may be with you today but not found anywhere near you tomorrow.

You may be hated by all but there will always be one who loves you. That person misses you anytime you are not around.The person even gets excited when your name is just mentioned. These are those who have you at heart.and do not place you in a bad position. They do not care about the thousand criticisms about you from others. They choose to be with you by painting out the positive things you have that cannot be underestimated. They cherish you mainly because they understand the person you are and what you are capable of doing. Sometimes your presence alone makes the person have a feeling of goodness. You may not know that person but he is always happy for the person you are in life.

If you are not careful about the reaction of people towards you because of the person your are, you shall end up hating yourself. Some reactions may persuade you not to even like the way you see yourself as well as your abilities. But someone is wishing to be like you regardless of how others see you. Let not your attention be centred on the reaction of others since some are there to distract you as well and as hide your image. As you give attention to the degrading reactions of others, you put out the light in you that makes some people like the person you are.

There is uniqueness in everyone in this life. No one is the same on earth though we are all humans. Identical twins even have differences. You may have what others do not have and that makes you special. If you were not unique, no one would have loved to have you in their life. The uniqueness in your life is the difference existing between you and others. No matter who you are you will be cherished by someone in life.

Remember that in life, all things will not like you and even your shadow will not like you when you are in darkness but your DNA will always like you even if you die.

Raise your head up and always keep your eyes on the road of life.

Content created and supplied by: CYGamado (via Opera News )


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