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Spiritual Meaning Of Yam In Your Dream

A yam in our waking life is a symbol of marital festivity, and this is often what yam in your dream means as well. If it is not you carrying yam in your dream, then you may be somebody assisting you. A marriage also represents divine blessings and favour.

So if you are experiencing problems in your relationships, or even marriage in your waking life, a dream about yam gives way for unity, peace and harmony. On the other hand, when you dream of peeling yam, it indicates the dreamer is a responsible and mature person.

If you dream of cutting yam into pieces, symbolizes fruitfulness and happiness. If you dream of your yam stolen means that you have unresolved problems in your own marriage or romantic relationship. Kindly use Psalm 70 and Isaiah 35, and God’s divine plans will come your way. You have to pray constantly so that your expectations would come true.

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