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Are you in distance relationship? See these practical ways to make it work

Relationships don't come with guarantees or rules that things will work out, it only comes with mutual respect, love and admiration. But in order to make any relationship work, partners must put in effort, time and emotions even when its hard like when there is a lot of physical distance between them.

A long distance relationship requires more effort than a conventional relationship where you can meet your partner and express your thoughts and feelings in a dozen different ways, taking them to their favourite restaurant, laughing with each other during a movie and so much more. But when there is distance between two people who like each other, communication and having faith are the only two ways to make it work. In order to make it work, you first must be sure that you’re ready for the effort and commitment it takes. If you go in without giving it a serious thought, you may end up getting confused or demotivated as time passes by.

Once you’ve decided that your bond with your partner is worth the effort and you’re ready to put in your part as well, you must set some ground rules or guidelines such as

1. Agreeing a mutual time that will work for you both to have at least a five minute quality conversation.

2. Pursuing your mutual interests together so that you feel involved in their life despite the distance such as watching the same shows together.

3. Never going to bed with an argument brewing or with an unresolved issue, it will only escalate with time because distance makes things twice as hard

4. Prioritize your career and support your partner for that: Don't compromise on your career if you are in that phase of life where career should be given utmost priority. Take out time for your partner daily but don't forget to manage time wisely. If you fail in your life your parents are definitely going to blame your relationship for that. Besides Communicate openly till you both are one the same page about everything.

5. Lastly, have meaningful conversations such as planning about a time in future when you both will be together in person, this ensures that you both stay hopeful.

Such conversations become memories and memories empower the bond.

Long distance relationships are difficult but not impossible. A simple proof of that is to go back to the time when the internet didn’t exist or telephone services were a privilege. People survived on letters, memoirs and memories alone for months and years. If they could make it work and have happy endings they hoped for then so can you.

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