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Husband and wife relationship

Take A Look At What Wife Did To Husband Just Because They A Misunderstanding

This news in a way is funny but if it was to be the other part in the situation, it would have been a different story all together. Marriage we always talk about is not a joke business. What this woman did to her husband is really something not to take likely.

A couple had a misunderstanding and decided not to sleep together in the same room again. So the lady slept in the bedroom whiles the man slept at the hall( living room). One night about midnight, the woman secretly came to the hall and applied a rob on the man's manhood. And went back into the bedroom and locked herself.

The man suffered for 3 hours having been treated this way. And had no solutions to the problem. Just to only wait still it cools down. He said this whiles he was been interviewed on AdomFM 106.3 . As the wife reported a case of his husband cheating but the husband denied it and said he isn't, due to the anger within the wife she did this to the husband.

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