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Wear These At Home If You Want To Keep Your Man Indoors

Many women wear clothes which turns on their partners right before marriage but this story takes a tilt when they finally get to marry. You would then see most of them wearing very tall clothes and also clothes which are not capable of even drawing their partners close to them.

Trust me, you stand a risk of losing your relationship or sharing your man with someone else if you are in the habit of wearing unattractive clothes at home. When your man goes out, he is likely to see women in clothes which attracts him closer to them just like what a magnet does to iron filings.

Immediately at that moment, the core of your relationship just shakes a bit not because he wants to cheat on you but because he never sees you in such clothes. You stand a risk of losing your relationship when a woman in such clothes is very interested in your husband because she will do her possible best to get close to her realizing your husband loves her clothes.

For this reason, it is very advisable that even after marriage, you get to wear clothes which will draw your man towards you when at home. Never think that after marriage, all is done. That is a false and disturbing thought because that is just the beginning of everything. Someone can actually snatch your husband from you without you even getting to notice that. This generation never ceases to do the worst things. I therefore would like advise you to play the role of a bad girl even after marriage irrespective of how holy you are.

I decided to compile some pictures of some clothes I think you should wear when alone at home with your husband. Below are some of the pictures I compiled

1. Make sure you don't wear a bra. This keeps your man attracted to you

2. After ignoring the wearing of a bra, make sure to put on the shortest clothes you have. Never let your smile fade while in these clothes. Men can't stop staring when they see these stuff.

3. Put on a nice t-shirt and complete the drip with a cap while wearing a short attire beneath. It can be a skirt or shorts.

4. Wear a good looking and attractive straight dress which is very short. Many men cannot stand such a sight and will forever be into you.

I am glad I have shared these pictures with you. If you really want to keep your man, you have to do things that will attract him before somebody else snatches him from you.

Content created and supplied by: the_Kelvin_guy (via Opera News )


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