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Wedding planning scene

Motorcycle Wedding of these couples causes a stir.

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Our world is changing each and everyday, and Wedding, in our generation has become something that is highly exalted and praised. This has therefore caused many people to do a lot of strange things in the name of marriage.

Some people take strange photos, use strange items or machines and others also perform strange and amazing dances at their wedding ceremonies.

A picture was recently released showing couples using motorbike for their wedding.

These couple thought it will be special enough to use a motorcycle for their wedding, so they choose to do so. Both the bride and the groom sat on a motorcycle, as well as some friends and members of the family who supported Marriage.

This has gotten many people talking, and different opinions and views has been shared by the public.

See images down below.

What do you also think, will you use a motorcycle for your wedding? Leave your comment down below.

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