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Photos Of A Dwarf And His Bride Get Everybody Talking

For our ancestors, in the ideal couple, the woman must have three fundamental roles in the life of her husband : she must be a mother to him, taking care of him, a sister , having fraternal bonds and nice relationships and finally his lover as regards the intimacy between spouses. It will also be the same for man. He is to be the father, brother and lover of his wife. This is why often, in marriages between Africans, a man calls his wife "mom" and she "dad".

Wedding is a unique event during which the spouses will experience moments of pure magic that they will cherish for their entire life, for this reason it deserves to be celebrated in a location that embodies all its poetry and charm. A wedding ceremony is often very solemn and a little serious.

That is the challenge itself. You stand there and make a lifelong promise to each other in front of all your near and dear ones and yes, in front of the whole world. It is a solemn event, and usually you and your guests will shed a tear or more. In Africa, traditional marriage is the union considered more important than civil or religious rites.

The fusion of two beings takes place creating a single entity. Our ancestors told that the Creator possessed the dual masculine and feminine nature, so marriage was considered to be the reproduction of the Creator's nature.

This is why traditional marriage is important, divine and sacred. The couple, forming a single person, becomes indivisible; Indeed, divorce is frowned upon in African culture . In case of problems, every effort is made to prevent couples from divorcing. In African society, being it communitarian and not individualistic, the individual cannot live without his group or his family. Thus, in addition to uniting two people, two families also unite.

These images document the wedding of a diminutive man in Delta State to his chosen woman. According to local accounts, Mr. and Mrs. Ufuoma Asigri (a.k.a HOD) recently celebrated their traditional wedding in style, causing quite a commotion in the neighborhood as many people came out in huge numbers to watch the event. The pair is shown finalizing their marriage in front of elders, family, and friends, dressed in traditional pink gowns.

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