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Sad: I was forced to perform the role of husband after helping a woman to give birth - Bless Angel

A Ghanaian midwife, Blessed Angel has said, she was forced to perform the role of husband after giving birth to a woman in labor.

Ghana's perilous road networks are alarmingly disturbing to speak loud. The health delivery system is not accessible by many in parts of the Northern Regions, where road infrastructure is in porous shape much worse than the rest of the country.

Though there have been some targeted special attention programs like Northern Development Authority much is left to be the desire of it not to say very little has been done.

The scarcity of the development in the North made it a hostile destination for qualified personnel to shun posting there.

However, a Ghanaian midwife identifies on Facebook as Blessed Angel is over-performing her function as a nurse.

According to Bless Angel, despite using her money to respond to an emergency, where a woman is in labor she, at the same time performs the role of husband to provide 25 Ghana cedis to feed a woman after giving birth.

The husband's inability to be responsible is presumably a testimony of the hardship going on in the country on the watch of Nana Akuffo Addo. 

Below is the testimony of Bless Angel.

Had an emergency call around 11 pm yesterday. A client is in labor. Where the client lives are very far. And at that time, there’s no means of visiting this client and she can’t visit me either. At 4 am, I called an okada rider to take me to the woman’s village. He felt reluctant to go initially, considering the distance and time. At 5 am, I visited them and immediately conducted an emergency delivery. Praise be to the highest. A beautiful Abena is born. 

After delivery, I asked that they should prepare some porridge for her to take, considering how weak she is. I realized the women are moving up and down and whispering among themselves, but nothing is being done in the open kitchen. So I ask where is the Koko, I was later told they called the husband and he is on the way coming. What!!! Meaning there’s absolutely nothing at home for them to cook. And this husband is nowhere near their village so until the husband arrives, this woman will remain without food? Well, in the absence of nothing, anything is good. I handed them 25ghc though little, to get something for the woman to eat. 

Her if you have food to eat, be grateful to God. 

Me especially talking to Baby Abena in a heavenly language. May God empower us to empower others.

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