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Video: ' Something Must kill A man '- Check Out What A Slayqueen Was Caught Doing To A Man

" Something Must kill a man". Social media users reacts to a viral video Which features a gentleman and his allege girlfriend.

It the video, although there was no audio but from the motion and body movement, it could be said that the lady told her supposed boyfriend to help her do go of exercise which requires that he holds her legs for her to be able to do the exercise.

While doing the exercise, this lady was seen to be using the man's head to rub her backside on several occasions. This made social media users to show a form of concern by rebuking the woman on such a bad habit she was displaying in the video.

It could also be seen that, the gentleman got upset with what hos allege girlfriend was using for so he stood up with immediate effect although he struggled to release himself from the grip of his lady.


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