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Why My Relationship Not Strong Like Shatta Wale and Choqolate. Check The Reasons to Get Shock.

Before you fall into any relationship,ask yourself these questions. What is Relationship? Oxford dictionary define Relationship as a State involving mutual dealings between people or parties or countries. The relationship between people are mostly emotional connection.

You then again ask, Why all your relationships don't succeed and get break up early?

See Reasons:

Before you go for a date or fall into a relationship or even get married, check to see these before going. The absence of even one of this is a threat.

*The person must be in the same faith as you are; Marriage has a long way to go, therefore your first thing to check is this. The man's faith is different from that of the woman's faith and this can cause misunderstanding all days. Be in the same faith with your spouse.

*Someone who is responsible and can make you happy; Being responsible means, having an acceptable credit rating. Marry someone who knows his/her responsibility.

*Know the family you are going into, will they receive you? Make your analysis very well after you've paid a visit to your partners family house. Ask yourself, will they accept me?, Do they like me? because family can disturb your relationship.

*God fearing; All things we do in life is guided by the will of God, Does your man fear God? Does your woman fear God?. Not going to church everyday means you are God fearing.

*Someone who will support you; Another vital key in relationship, because helping each other is the best way to get understandable and excellent relationship.

*Marry someone who attract you; Yes don't be forced to marry what you don't like, A man or woman who don't actract you.

*The Person must be able to make decisions; Not all human being can be able to make well decisions, love and be with someone who can make good decisions.

With all this your relationship can now stand as Shatta Wale and Choqolate.

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