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21 Ways To Enjoy Your Marriage And Make It Last.

1. Love the person you married rather than the one you intended to marry. Accept your spouse wholeheartedly. You can't love someone you don't accept. Stop comparing your partner to others; he or she will never be someone else. You can't get the most out of your marriage unless you accept your partner.

2. Comprehend one another. Without mutual understanding, no marriage can thrive. Learn as much as you can about one another. Recognize that you are not and will never be the same. Recognize that you are both unique personalities. Learn about each other's strengths and flaws. Strengthen each other's flaws.

3. Forgive quickly and apologize quickly. Love is capable of forgiving. Accepting an apology is a skill that must be learned. Forgive your partner for past, present, and future transgressions. Never bring up his or her previous faults. Never go to bed angry or with an unresolved disagreement. Marriage is the union of two forgivers.

4. Ask your partner, "What can I do for you today?" on a daily basis.

5. Never speak negatively about your spouse to others. Protect him or her and preserve his or her name protected at all times. Fight for one another, not against one another.

Have a lot of sex. Have some sex with your partner. Never withhold sex as a form of punishment.

7. Avoid using the term "divorce" in your vocabulary. Remember your promises. They should be reviewed on a frequent basis.

8. Take care of your spouse and children's needs. Never be stingy when it comes to your spouse. Take care of his or her requirements. Be kind to him/her. Pay your children's school tuition on time and on a regular basis. Marriage is not a 50/50 proposition. It's 100/100. Give yourself completely and without reservation. Men, Be aware of your wife's requirements. Spend money on her appearance.

9. Be devoted to your spouse. Being unfaithful is the simplest way to destroy your marriage. Adultery is lethal.

10. Recognize and learn each other's love languages. It may be expressed through words, gifts, touch, acts, and so on. If it's words, tell your spouse how much you love and appreciate him or her on a regular basis.

If it is action: regularly do things that they appreciate: either take the garbage out, wash the dishes, cook the food, wash the car, etc

Spoil each other. Keep track of the things your spouse loves and buy them for him or her.

11. Communication is the key to a relationship. Talk like friends and lovers. Don’t make your spouse guess what you are thinking or feeling. Don't expect him/her to read your mind. You should feel free to discuss all things without fear.

12. Always listen attentively to your spouse. Switch off your phone or television, shut down your computer or iPad and newspapers, books and magazine should be closed. The greatest communication skill you can develop is the listening skill. 

Be silent and patient while he or she speaks; after he or she is finished, you may offer your viewpoint. When he's talking to you or you're talking to him, look him in the eyes. This will give him/her the impression that you are interested in what he/she has to say.

13. Love, respect, and kindness are essential components of a good marriage. Give them to your spouse freely. Show your spouse how much you love, care for, and respect him or her on a frequent basis. Every day, tell someone you love them.

14. Be truthful and express genuine gratitude. Respect one another. Show your spouse how much you appreciate the simple things. Be thankful and express it!!! Find something you like about your partner and express your gratitude.

15. Make each other happy with nice presents, kisses, and sex. Kiss fervently. Join your hands. Cuddle. Prioritize physical tenderness in your marriage.

16. Spend quality time together. Continue to date each other. Prioritize your marriage and your spouse over your children. Play with your friends. Maintain your sense of humour at all times. Make your spouse your closest companion.

17. Tell everyone secrets between you. Communicate openly with your partner.

18. Be kind and respectful to one another. Thank you, please, and please accept my apologies.

19. Break harmful behaviors. Don't do things that your partner despises. Don't do anything that would harm him/her. Create a divine persona. Don't make things difficult for your spouse. Concentrate on making your husband happy. Improving yourself is the best approach to improve your relationship.

20. Always be truthful with your spouse. Lying will never get you anywhere.

21. Aim to do something together at least once a week. It doesn't matter what, even if it's only to eat, bathe, watch movies, read books, and have light chat together.

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