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2 Types of Women Who Cheat in a Relationship

To have a healthy and sustainable relationship, you need to go for a woman who knows herself. Indeed, they may be harder to get, but they’ll make your life better in the long run.

It’s tempting to want to go for an insecure person. After all, they are easy to get. But what about the long run? Can you keep up with their drama?

The primary reason why the types of women in this list cheat is because of insecurity. It’s either they have an incessant need for attention and validation that you cannot keep up with, or they are just too obsessed with getting free gifts from as many guys as possible.

But how can you spot these types of women on time to avoid the emotional turmoil they might cause in the long run? Pay attention to these five traits.

1. The insatiable queen

At first, being with an insecure lady might seem great. Why? She will shower you with all her attention and most likely make you the center of her universe, of course with the expectation that you’ll make her yours as well.

But as time passes, an insecure lady will start seeking more attention than you can afford. She’ll always want to be around you or your friends.

Maybe she’s been cheated on in the past, and now she feels the same thing will happen again if she doesn’t take control. She becomes desperate to be a part of your life in an invasive way. And on top of this, she blames her insecurity on you, always accusing you but also refusing to face the reality of the aspects of her nature she should work on.

2. The emotionally checked out woman.

When a woman is emotionally checked out from her relationship, she may cheat. This may show up as physical cheating, but often, it shows up as emotional cheating. Emotional or mental cheating is to look with an intentional and conscious desire to gratify lust; to picture situations in mind; to think adultery in mind with a person to the point that if the opportunity were presented, you would commit the physical act.

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