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Offer Help Without 'Chopping' Us, The System Is Too Hard - Slay Queen Begs

A slay queen has taken it to the social media to beg young men to stop sleeping with them before offering help because the system is too hard for a lady to survive. From a video sighted on the social media by MartinezTV, saw this lady begging men to help girls who are on the street without requesting anything from them. According to the lady, the country is hard to the extent that no lady can live successfully on her salary to feed her family and herself. Though we all can agree to the fact that, the system is hard but does it necessary means a lady should depend on a man?

The video has gotten the attention of many people as many people have reacted massively to the video. Most people believe offering yourself to a young man for help will definitely result in having affair with him. While other people also think young men should hear her and stop sleeping with them before offering help. The lady should probably involve in a petty trading or anything that can bring something profitable to her life.

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Many people are found of helping other people whether male or female. Some people can decide to take care of a lady even from primary school to the university without taking anything from her. But this generation is quite different when it comes to offering help to a lady. Can a young man help a lady without having sex with her? That's is a question we should all ask ourselves.

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