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10 Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Partner Happy

The little things of everyday life are what make us happy. Cover them with gifts ? That's not the point. Women are very receptive to the little attentions that are reserved for them. A look, a smile , a gesture of tenderness: it enchants them ! And if it can come from their darling, it's even better !

Here are the 10 things a man must do for his wife to be fully happy and fulfilled.

1. Make her laugh every day; what could be easier ?

When you come home after your day at work, gentlemen, do not make your head ! A big smile is welcome when you walk through the door of the apartment. So even if you had a strenuous day at work-ours probably was too !- have fishing ! Laughing, chatting and exchanging : that's what they love.

2. Listen to her

For the majority of men, it is not innate ... While you, you prefer not to express your emotions, your concerns, etc., they can not do without it. Telling you about their day in every detail, they put a point of honor ! So listen to them but really ! A fulfilled woman is a woman who is listened to.

3. Surprise her with small details

This is what they aspire to. Book them the surprise of a romantic weekend, a picnic in the forest, a bike ride... they are fond of that! Plus, it's as simple as anything.

4. Share with her the management of the home

A man who does not put his hand to the dough, it makes them hysterical. This, by the way, is one of the main causes of quarrel in a couple, so to cut it, share with them household chores. Ironing, cleaning, shopping, cooking : it's everyone's business !

5. Don't forget important dates

If there's something women love, it's that their darling remembers important dates. At least that of their birthday !

6. Share her passions.

There are couples who complement each other divinely and have exactly the same interests and others who have different passions. Gentlemen, nothing is easier than making a woman happy, even if our passion is not necessarily your cup of tea !

7. Help and advise her 

In the same way that you should listen to them, allocate part of your time to help them and advise them when they need it. Take this role as a man to heart and give importance to their anxieties and stresses.

8. Propose to her in an original way

It's all their dreams. Those that aspire to get married, they count on you to make them a marriage proposal that is as original as it is memorable. Let your creativity run wild !

9. Give her compliments 

Adoring them, cajoling them, complimenting them : that's what they love ! And yet it must be admitted that men often lack attentions. Gentlemen, recover ! You love them, so show it to the. !

10. Accompany her shopping

If there is anything that puts you off, it is to go shopping with women. To avoid hearing you pester all afternoon, they tend to go with girlfriends. But in reality they would love that from time to time you accompany without complaining ! It's nothing complicated to make your wife happy, isn't it, gentlemen ?!

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