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Divorce Affair

"You Didn't Satisfy Me So I Won't Pay Full Amount" Man Refuses To Pay A Lady After Doing The Thing

In lovemaking, there is the need for both the man and the woman to do everything in their power to satisfy each other. Most men feel cheated and angry if ladies do not make them 'cum' during sexual intercourse. But for a lady who is just doing it for money what she cares about most is her money and not the satisfaction she will give to the man.

The lady in your picture has been captured 'attacking' a gentleman to give her money. According to the person who posted this video on social media, the man has 'chopped' this lady but does want to pay because he claims he didn't cum.

In the process of the argument, the lady snatched the man's mobile phone. The lady was captured in the video saying "I will destroy your phone oo, give me my money". The man replied, "I will have to reduce the amount because you didn't satisfy me".

The person recording the video and some people at the place were heard saying "Mr Man, please give her the money. You had an agreement and you must fulfil it". But still, the man didn't want to pay the full amount agreed on because he claims the lady didn't allow him to cum. The lady was also not ready to collect half payment.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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