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Husband and wife relationship

Marriage is all about women - Opinion

Marriage is all about women - Opinion

When my godfather got married, One thing was certain, to make his wife The Centre of the marriage. The woman was working full time as a teacher and never quit. My godfather also supported her with monthly allowances, which helped her to run the house well. After five years of their marriage, my godfather was sacked from his job. He stayed home for over two years, and it was all on the wife, who took care of everything when his last salary was exhausted. My godfather had trained his wife into a survival being, when he married her, and didn't allow her to quit her job. So when things became rusty for them, the woman became the backbone of the family, and provided for everything.

This simply tell that, as a married woman, you are the call to duty in the marriage and the rescue team leader when a problem comes. When hunger comes, it is the woman who should provide food to rescue the family from hunger. And if you don't know how to cook as a wife, your marriage will be in distress. As your children and husband will find love at the hands of whoever cooks for them. It is therefore important for every woman to be sufficient with basic cooking tips, that can make her family happy. You need to keep your work, so you can support the family with food when the husband is not working. If the husband is forcing you to stop working, then he must provide you a written contract and be paying you three times what you are earning.

So when there is a problem, you will have three months advance payment, before the problem develops. And you will be able to curtail the problem, within the three months. It is very important and necessary, for very woman to keep working, even if the husband is taking all the salaries know in the world. Remember the sea takes rain drops, whenever it rains. And the wife of all the world's richest men, are also working, so why you. Do not allow yourself to be toiled around, because when troubles and poverty comes to the family, the same husband will turn and blame you for his mishaps. So it is better to be working and having your money, so your husband cannot shut you up with his frustrations, when bad things set in the marriage. Remember, you are the rescue team leader if the married goes bad, and you will need money to solve it, so work and don't listen to anyone, when they tell you to stop. Picture is illustration only 

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