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Life, going back to where it all started – General Kingsley shares

Life on earth keeps evolving. Sadly, we’re in an era where humans find less room for themselves and other social activities. Everyone everywhere is busily and hurriedly wading through projects upon projects in life. Don’t be surprised some people even forget their birthdays.

Because we’re frantically moving through life, sometimes we get lost and derail from the actual course and goal we yearned to pursue. Thus, we tend to forget the actual reasons we decided to do certain things. Therefore, we get to a state where instead of celebrating we bitterly murmur ‘this isn’t what I wanted.’

The fact is once in a while we need to go to where it all started – the place where we decided to embark on a particular journey. The place where we were ourselves and we were free from the distractions in life. Where we didn’t need to impress anyone, where we didn’t have to explain ourselves. Richard Templar refers to this place The Base.

It could also be a friend or relative that said something to them that triggered their passion to pursue a particular course in life. Moreover, it can be a place where one grew up as well. The base is simply that enabling environment where you were yourself and discovered yourself.

When we hit the base, it reminds us of who we were and what we intended to do. Touching the base revives us. It creates the avenue for rediscovery as well.

When we look for answers, we would realize that all those that feel empty in life have one particular problem; it’s been a very long time since they visited their hometown, or where they grew up or a long time since they met one important figure in their lives that seemed to motivate them or let them feel more of themselves. That person they feel free and real when around. Yeah, they deeply miss someone or something.

Are you weary and lost about life? Let’s go back to where it all started.

Story by: S.A.Kingsley.

Content created and supplied by: GeneralConceptMedia (via Opera News )



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