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Stop Saying "My Fifth-Year Wedding Anniversary", Here is the correct way of saying it

English is dynamic, but we must learn to bend with it as human beings. It's actually embarrassing to make a costly mistake in public, especially as it is officially addressing the crowd. That's why you have to learn good English at all costs. I have noticed that some people are used to this common error when it comes to using the sentence "Anniversary." The main problem here is to add the word "year" after the number.

What is an Anniversary? 

An anniversary is an exact number of years since an event took place. This means that anniversary is not a month; adding year to the figure is therefore tautological. 

The 5th shows that it's all about year so there is no need to add "Year."

Other similar terms.

1. Silver Jubilee. 

This has to do with the 25-year period. You will celebrate your Silver Jubilee if you have been married for 25 years and wish to celebrate it. It's better to say "I and my wife celebrate our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary," than "my wife and I celebrate our silver wedding anniversary."

2. Golden Jubilee.

The Golden Jubilee is Silver Jubilee twice. It has to do with the 50-year period. So instead of saying: "My husband and I celebrate our 50th anniversary of the Wedding," it's best said: "My husband and I celebrate our Golden Jubilee of our Wedding." 

Note: You add the word "Wedding," because this also allows other events to take place. 

Have you been cleared or not cleared without doubt?

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