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"Alpha Male" - 3 Smart Ways To Identify If Your Woman Is A Serial Cheater

Identifying your woman as a serial cheater is one thing that hurts in a relationship. Imagine the love of your cheating on you with another man who has no distinct features as you. That can be very painful and disloyalty at it best. There are ways and means to identify if you woman you are inappropriate relationship with is a serial cheater or just the play type. Most men have been sent to their early grave due to the ill behaviour of the woman. Guess you don't want to be a victim of such incidents. Here are smart things to identify in your woman to know if she is cheating in you.

1. She Hides When Making Calls

That is the easiest trait to identify in a woman who is cheating on you. At the normal circumstances, partners should feel free responding to a call without any ill intentions. Don't be perturbed when you see your woman in such hide and seek games. Approach and enquire of her the reason she is doing that.

2. She Pretends To Be Busy When You Want To Have Good Time With Her

This is very disgusting I guess. Someone you love with all your heart refuses to spend quality time with you when you need it. This is a definite sign she is having something under her sleeves. She would always pretend to be busy even when you need her company. Act fast because someone is taking her away from you.

3. She Hides Her Phone From You

You don't need someone to tell you that your woman is cheating on you if she keeps hiding her phone anytime you are around. She always keep giving you excuses whenever you need the phone to even make a call or take a picture thinking you might discover her secrets.

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