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Wondering Why You Message Someone 'Hi' And Never Get Response?; This Could Be The Reason

Many people do complain when they don't get response after sending a message.

These people have the mindset that they are being ignored by people whom they message.

Genuinely, there are people who does not respond to messages if they don't have a personal relationship with you.

You can also have a personal relationship with such people but if you don't do the needful, your message won't get a reply.

I know you've been wondering why you keep sending someone 'hi' and never get a response. This could be the reason.

A lot of people are always busy with work and hardly opens their message box, Emails, DMs and others.

Sending just 'hi' to people, especially a highly profile person won't get response. These people receive thousands of messages including yours and doesn't even attend to majority of them.

If you are the type all the time you want 'hello or hi' to be replied before you tell your story then you will continue to send 'hi'.

What am I going to do to get message attended to?

Don't be worried, there's a solution for you. This is what you should do to get the response you want.

Never send someone 'hi' and wait for a reply. Always go straight to the point. Let the person know why you have sent him or her a message.

Also, sending messages like "how are you?, I hope by the grace of God you are fine, how was your night, etc to people whom you don't know isn't necessary. You might think sending them such messages will attract favor from them but will end up provoking them. Go straight to the point.

Practice the above tips and you won't be stranded in people's DM again.

Content created and supplied by: Naycha_Online (via Opera News )


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