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10 Ways sex makes you live longer

Sex is the most natural thing in the world and yet it's hardly been talked about. Majority of people are uneducated about it and hence we are not familiar with most of the facts about sex. The world(especially Africans ) treats sex as a sacred thing and goes about entreating it in a wrong direction.

This article gives you amazing facts about sex you probably didn't know.

1. Having sex at least once per week can lower a man's risk of heart disease by 30%, stroke by 50% and diabetes by 40%. It has also been proven that men with an active sex life are more likely to live past 80years.

2.Sex reduces risk for breast cancer

Studies have shown that women who have vaginal intercourse more often have the lowest possibility of getting breast cancer than those who don't. Interesting and exciting right?

3.Sex reduces risk for prostate cancer.

In the year 2003, Australian researchers published a study showing that the more often men ejaculate between the ages of 20 and 50, the less likely they are to develop prostate cancer. It is advisable to ejaculate often as a man. Stay healthy.

4. Women who have sex at least once a week have more regular menstrual cycles. Women should not deprive their patners when it comes to sex because you are benefiting from it too. is a path to quality sleep and sweet dreams.

Those who have sexual intercourse before going to bed are more likely to have a better sleep than those who don't. So just hit the marathon with your partner and have a sound sleep. Those who always have a nightmare should try this. boost self esteem and improves mood

The psychological benefit of a healthy sex life are many. According to studies a healthy sex life leads to long-term satisfaction with one's mental health and enhances your ability to communicate honestly and intimately. People who are sexually active are highly confident and motivated. reduces stress and lowers blood pressure

During sexual intercourse, an (oxytocin) a hormone is released when you reach orgasm,This calm the nerves. studies have shown that oxytocin counteract the effects of (cortisol) a stress hormone that reduces stress and lowers the blood pressure.

8. Sex strengthens bonds

Sexual activities have been proven to help strengthen both physical and mental connections with a partner.In one study, Stronger emotional bond was the biggest benefit of sex.if u think you've lost emotional connection with your partner you know what to do. Lol.

9. Urinating after having sex prevents you from catching urinary tract infections.

10. Avocado's are known as the "fruit of the testicle tree" and are believed to have aphrodisiac qualities. It is capable of arousing sexual desire.

Sex hasn't always been associated with sin and guilt. Pre-Christian religions often regard sex as a celebration and as a form of worship. Sex was seen as mirroring the sensual power of the God's.

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