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8 Things Men Do That Make Women Melt

A lot of men always try hard to impress their women. Women they say are very complicated but if a man study and knows how to deal with a woman, he will be the most happiest man ever. 

Women love it when their men do certain things for them. They will not tell you because they cherish it most when the man does it without being told. When a man does certain things a woman love without being told, it melts the heart of the woman.

Here are some of the things that when a man does, melt the heart of a woman

Opening doors for her

Women really adore a man who will always open doors for them. Being it car doors or doors to room, women feel very special when a man opens a door for them. Women mostly feel that a man who does these is a real gentleman and has enough respect for them. It also makes women feel you care more for them. 

Saving the last bite of food

As the saying goes that a way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. If a man always spare the last bite of his favorite food for a woman, then it shows how the man cares for the woman. This will melt the heart of the woman because it makes her feel that you care for her. It shows a sign of true love.

Wanting to spend time with her family

Most times, men become nervous whenever a woman ask about when he is going to meet her parents in relationships. But if a man is eager to meet the family of the woman and go an extra mile to spend some time with them, then the man is considered as the real one. This gives the woman some form of security and trust over the man.

Introducing her to your friends

Another way to melt the heart of a woman is by introducing her to your friends. Doing this tells the woman how important she is to you. Some men always hide their girlfriends from their friends due to reasons exclusively known to themselves.  

Giving unconditional presents

Unconditional presents or gifts in a way is to give out presents or gifts without any reason attached to it. Mostly, men do not give gifts freely and most of their gifts are due to something they want in return. If a woman sees that you are giving her presents without any reason behind, it melts her heart. Women love gifts and presents and if they realize you give them gifts without any reason, it makes them feel your love for them is genuine.

Always protecting her

To attract a woman, always protect her in every small possible means. Protect her from any form of hazard and they will adore you.

Kissing her on the forehead

Researchers have proven that, kissing a woman on her forehead makes her feel very special, respected, loved, cared for and secured. 

Listen to her

In as much as men want to be listened to, women also love it the same way. Some topics are not interesting to hear but at times there is the need to compromise and listen to her. Listening to your woman makes her feel secured and respected.

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