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You Still Want Your Ex Back If You Are Doing These

When you meet someone you think is the right person, everything will look perfect until things turn against expectations leading to break up. Break up is an experience most people think may not happen to them when they find themselves in a seemingly perfect relationship. However there is a popular saying that “the broken heart will reach everyone”. Breaking up in a relationship is one thing but being able to forget your ex and moving on is another thing. There are people who still love their ex even after a breakup regardless of how long the break up has been. If you have broken up with your ex and you are experiencing the following signs there is a possibility you want your ex back. 

Stalking your ex: if you are stalking your ex after a breakup then there is a huge possibility you want him or her back. Stalking your ex means you are interested in knowing what is going on in the person’s life. If you are no longer interested in someone, then there is no need worrying yourself about what the person is up to. But stalking and being interested in the person’s affairs means you still have the person in mind, which may mean you want the person back.

Comparing everyone to your ex: If you are always finding yourself comparing people to your ex in almost all conversations then you should check yourself well. You may still be in love with your ex and want him or her back. Sometimes some people cannot talk for five minutes without mentioning their ex and comparing them to people. Even sometimes when you are in a new relationship and you are always comparing the actions of your current partner to that of your ex it may indicate that you still have your ex in mind and want him back.

Doing things to make your ex jealous: If you break up with your boyfriend then moving on without him in mind should be the next step.

However if everything you do is to make him jealous then you may still want him back. There is no need making someone you are not interested in jealous. Making the person jealous indirectly means making him want you. So if that is the case, it may mean you also want him back which is why you are doing all you may be doing to draw his attention to you. So if you have broken up with your boyfriend and you are always focused on making him jealous, he may still be occupying a bigger part of your heart and you may not say no if he asks for a comeback.

Still hanging onto him or her even though he or she is with someone: If your ex moves on and you can’t leave him alone then you want him back. Always calling to meet him, chatting with him long hours in the night and meeting up with him in the name of “breakup does not make us enemies” may just be a way to show that you want the person back. Even if breaking up does not make you two enemies, there should be a limit especially if the person has already moved on. Hanging on to the person even after he or she has moved on shows that you still love him and would want him back into your life.

By: Saeed Fridaus

Content created and supplied by: Nic-Relationships (via Opera News )


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