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Confessions: "My husband's manhood is not enough so I use sex toys" - a devoted church girl explains

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"Confessions" is a new television program, which started this July on TV3, with the aim of assisting guilt-trapped individuals.

Hosted by Ms Nacy on TV3, confessions bring it's viewers eye-popping, jaw-dropping, shocking, and succulent secrets about the lifestyles of certain individuals.

During this Sunday’s episode of the program, a self acclaimed “church girl” who had her face blurred, due to personal reasons, shared her story to TV3’s cherished viewers, and seeked help. Causing tears to flow from the eyes of studio audience and viewers at home, the summary of her story is that she uses sex toys to satisfy herself, since her husband’s manhood is not enough.

Quoting her own words, she started by saying “I'm a proudly committed church girl, very devoted to the things of God. I actually started masturbating at the age of ten (10)”.

What could be the cause of developing this feeling?

She said, “so my first experience was when I watched a movie and saw a man touch a woman. I tried it, and I liked it, so I sought of fell in love with myself. And since then, I've been doing that. Whenever I do that, I feel very fulfilled.

Fast forward, I had to get married to the love of my life. Happily married, I am safe to say, but somehow unhappy, because I'm all in love with myself. I actually feel the vibe when I use sex toys on myself, or touch myself. I really don't feel the vibe when I do it with my husband”.

“I'm kinda guilt-trapped, and I don't know what to do. So I came to the show for you to help me”.

Masturbating for over 15 years?: What then is Masturbation?

The term “Masturbation” according to Cambridge English Dictionary, refers to the act of touching or rubbing your sexual organs in order to give yourself sexual pleasure: Few people today believe that masturbation is unhealthy.

According to her story, she started masturbating at age 10, when she watched a romantic movie.

Masturbation in young children is an awkward situation for some parents to deal with. 

Growing up, most of our parents played a key role in preventing us to seeing these kinds of scenes in movies. Would you say that her parents (or better still, her family) caused her current situation?

What do I do if my child watches explicit videos?

We live in a society where sex is a very taboo subject, completely off-limits in even most adult conversations. Choosing to be open with your child about sex is each parent’s individual right and choice, but as a society we have created a stigma around the topic that makes it understandably mysterious enough to pique the interest of any curious child.

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