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Am not your Punching bag: Lady breaks up with husband for always beating her.

Successful Romantic relationships are built on love,trust, respect, support, acceptance, shared interests and a desire for the two people involved to share their lives together. Some people in relationships may choose to have children. As this is such a close relationship, various kinds of physical contact are accepted which would not be appropriate in any other kind of relationship. These include prolonged cuddling and holding, kissing on the lips and sexual intercourse, however it should still be mutually agreed upon.

Sometimes arguments and disagreements occur in romantic relationships. In strong relationships, these arguments can be overcome through effective communication, understanding and compromise, but in other cases, especially if there are frequent arguments, the two people involved my decide to terminate the relationship.

Relationships can be of varying duration. In some relationships, it quickly becomes apparent that the two people involved are not compatible and do not want to spend their lives together, and so the relationship may end after only a few months. In other cases, the two people may be together for many years or may stay together for the rest of their lives.

A beautiful lady has come out to explain why she can't be with his husband anymore. Upon her account, the husband has been beaten her for a long time and she can't hide it any more. Just look at what a man has done to someone's daughter in the name of marriage.

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