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Dating Romantic

Check these 5 perfect romantic pickup lines for your crush:

1. "I love with all my circle, because circle can't break but heart can.

You can't say that to just any random woman, according to the fine print on this one. Never express affection until it is sincere. It can be intimidating to approach your crush, but it's crucial to remain composed and to never overstate your feelings for her.

2. "I wrote your name in the sky, sand, wall, etc and it was wiped off but in my heart, nothing can remove that."

This would be a sweet thing to say to your crush on social networking. That is, if you're willing to be that bravely romantic. But well, a guy needs to make himself known occasionally.

3. "I'll be yours forever. Just let me know when to begin."

It's endearing, fantastical, and touching. This is a love endorsement from the heavens, just what your crush needs to know. Because it solicits a response from her, it also serves as a terrific discussion opener.

4. "There isn't a word in the dictionary for how beautiful you look."

This would be sweet to your crush as well as to any attractive woman you wanted to approach and strike up a conversation with. You can use this practically everywhere, whether it be at a bar, the movies, or a shopping mall.

5. "I smile when I think of you and I think of you when I smile. All I know is I'm always thinking of you and smiling."

It's a sweet and meaningful statement. Although it might be thought of as a corny pickup line, it is the nicest if you mean it! Take note of the date when you say this one since it can be the beginning of some crucial dates you need to keep in mind.

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