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Husband and wife relationship

4 Reasons Why Married Men Must Have Intimacy With Their Wife Everyday

Do you know why there are so many reasons why people should be close to their partners? Of course, there are medical reasons why dating should always be romantic, and in this writing, we will learn some of the most important reasons. If you have ever wondered why you should always make love to your husband or wife, this article will serve as an eye-opener for you.

As mentioned, this article will consider some of the medical reasons why couples should stay close to one another. Just stay strong and enjoy this article while learning something new. Without further ado, below are some proven medical reasons:

1. Improves women's bladder control.

If you are a woman and you are wondering why you should always be close to your partner, don't worry anymore. Studies have shown that regular exposure to your partner improves your body's basic muscles. This is because when you reach an orgasm while making love, there is a certain tension in the buttock muscles that eventually tighten, thus promoting bladder control in women. So make sure you meet your partner more often than not. It is fully accepted in all religions.

2. Reduce Blood Pressure:

Medical research has proven that regular or moderate sexual activity lowers systolic blood pressure. It was clearly stated that imitation rather than masturbation or pleasure was linked to the study of blood pressure in the first number of blood pressure tests. So, making love is often a win-win situation for anyone. It not only relaxes and relieves stress and lowers a person's blood pressure.

3. Lower the risk of a heart attack

This is yet another proven medical benefit of making love regularly. Good sexual health is good for your heart and helps keep estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. This is because if any of the hormones mentioned above are low, a person can begin to develop health problems such as osteoporosis, and even heart problems. Making love should always be an option.

4. Encourages Good Sleep:

This is because after making love, you can fall asleep quickly and for good reason. After making love, the hormone known as prolactin is usually released in response to the feeling of rest and sleep. All of this is beneficial for the body, and regular or regular acts of love between lovers or people who are romantically connected are highly recommended.

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