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For Couples: Attitudes Romantic Partners Should Avoid in Their Relationship or Marriage.

Some attitudes can be detrimental to the success of any romantic relationship when not curtailed on time. These traits or habits are considered to be hazardous to the state of any relationship because of the drastic consequence they possess.

As an individual who desires to have a fun-filled relationship that is enthusiastic and satisfying, it then becomes important to abstain from certain attitudes that might pose a threat to the harmony in your relationship. See them below.


The practice of promiscuity or infidelity is one immoral trait that has led to the collapse of many relationships according to studies. Cheating on one’s partner, especially in marriage is an offensive practice that has a lot of detriments attached. For instance, you might lose the trust and respect of your spouse and close associate when caught, and you stand the chance of putting your health in jeopardy. Hence, desist from the practice of infidelity if you want to attain a healthy relationship.

 Keep secrets from your partner.

The habit of keeping secrets in your marriage, especially on important issues your partner is supposed to be aware of, might not be a good idea. Keeping important matters like your health, financial status, relationship with the opposite gender and others might amount to suspicion and resentment when your partner finds out. In a nutshell, to avert unnecessary tension and strife in your marriage, always involve your partner in critical matters, most especially the ones that concern the relationship.

 Lack of forgiveness.

For one reason or the other, most people cannot forgive – which can be detrimental to the health of their relationship. No matter the gravity of the offences involve, romantic partners should adopt the trait of forgiveness because it is only on this ground the relationship can scale through the hurdle of disagreement and strife.

Make a negative remark about your partner.

Speaking negatively about your partner, most especially in public is a practice that can tarnish their reputation and respect. Giving negative reviews about your partner before friends, neighbours, colleagues and others might hamper their integrity and value before them. No matter how unruly behaved your partner might be, always cover their lapses and vulnerability before others. Doing this might give them the courage to adopt a positive attitude.

Always wanting to dominate your partner’s rights and choices.

It is quite normal to be protective of your partner, which includes showing concern for their interactive life and movement. But the idea of controlling everything your partner does and giving no room for their choice might be detrimental to the peace in your relationship. This includes the idea of controlling all their movement, wanting the details of their conversation with others, monitoring their movement and activities online and offline and subjecting them to home arrest. Such an attitude can lead to bondage and depression in one’s partner. 


Constantly criticizing your partner over their flaws and imperfection is one practice that can affect their self-confidence and enthusiasm for the relationship. When your partner makes a mistake, it becomes proper to strengthen and support them morally and emotionally and not be their source of depression. Criticizing your partner’s errors might prompt them to make more errors due to tension and pressure. Such an attitude can affect your relationship negatively when not stopped on time.

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