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Husband and wife relationship

Fiction: I regretted marrying my best friend

Ama Nyamekye Is a beautiful woman who got married to her long time boyfriend Eric Kwaku Darko. They both got married at their early stage. The man was twenty five years old And the woman was twenty twenty three years old. They have been married for thirty one years now.

They both lived happily till one day, Ama Nyamekye noticed something strange about her husband; at first, the moment her husband returns home from work, he would kiss her on the chick and give her his phone to put on charge. But for sometime now, that pampering has ceased, his phone is with him 24/7 even when he is in the bathroom. This went on for a very long time. The woman begun to take the matter at heart. She didn't know what was happening, she tried several times to speak to her husband concerning his sudden change of attitude in their marriage but her husband refused.

One midnight, when her husband was fast asleep, she took his phone and started going through his massages and found one chat with Felicia and in the chat, the husband had described her to Felicia has his sister and has promised her to marry her, the have even begun preparing for their marriage ceremony according to the chat she read. The moment she finished reading, she begun to screen on top of her voice and her husband waked up to notice what his wife has found out.

If you were the woman, would you allow your husband to marry Felicia or you will Poison your husband?

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Ama Nyamekye


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