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Are you a one minute man? This is five natural ways to last longer.

Most women cheat on their partners due to lack of sex or poor sexual performance of their men. Word on the street is that, most men can barely last up to a minute in bed. These men fall right asleep after ejaculating and fail to have an erection. They come up with excuses of being tired. Poor sexual performance is a major factor that leads to broken relationships. You must always keep in mind that the woman always wants more. This is a very bad and shameful on the side of the man and most men can't open up on this matter.

This article gives you an in depth proven natural ways to stay and last longer in bed.

1. Stay away from viagra or sex stimulants. Just drink more water before sex.

2. Don't rush it, start with foreplay for at least 30 minutes to sexually arouse your lady. You're likely to cum fast if you just have sex without romance.

3. Eat a well balanced diet daily, take more fruits and stay away from coffee or fizzy drinks.

4. Always keep your mind refreshed, don't think too much. You always have to be in a relaxed state.

5. Exercise as often as you can. You don't have to stick to a rigorous routine that can slow your sex drive. Just work the treadmill and jog at least 4 times a week and you will notice some changes.

I hope this article inspired you. Kindly share your thoughts and share with your friends.

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