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5 Things to avoid saying to a partner who is sensitive

Hello everyone and welcome to another sensational article. Today’s topic is based on what not to say to a sensitive partner. Before you get into a relationship, you might have known the kind of person you are with. You know that you are dating a sensitive partner and there are some things that need not to be said in their presence or without their presence. You must accept who they are. There is nothing like the perfect relationship. Both couples make it perfect. Below, there are some words you need not to say to your partner even if it is a mistake.

1. Don’t throw their sensitivity to their face:

Before anything, they are aware that they are sensitive. Some mostly see it as their weakness but with the right partner, they are able to overcome it partially, if not completely. Even if it is sarcastically, it should not be said or insinuated at the very least. To you, it might seem harmless but to them it is like the earth is swallowing them up. Sometimes things get to an extent when the temptation increases but it ends up, leading the relationship on a rough and rocky road. Be with them more especially when the sensitivity increases because they would need positive reassurances more. 

2. The phrase “we need to talk”:

Even in a relationship without a sensitive partner, this phrase seems to make an environment awkward. This phrase has numerous of interpretations. It mostly perceived in a negative way. For sensitive people, this makes them feel deeply and lost in thoughts. It can be rephrased in another word, a much more understanding and less complex one. 

3. The phrase “don’t feel bad when I tell you this”:

It sounds like “don’t get angry when I tell you this”; it makes the other person have another meaning with negativity behind it. With a sensitive partner, it makes them feel shuttered and down, knowing perfectly well it would definitely hurt them intentionally or not. It makes them feel like they are in a different world and distanced from another. It means the other partner is calling out their sensitivity and their awareness of it.

4. The phrase “there is a medicine for your sensitivity”:

Never treat a sensitive person like a sick person. Being sensitive is not a disease or an illness. Sure, it can have emotional consequences but this phrase just comes out as rude and very inappropriate. There is always a better way around things where both parties wouldn’t get hurt or feel bad. 

5. The phrase “you must grow up”

Imagine telling a 28 year old partner this phrase. How would the person end up taking it, with or without sensitivity? One way or another, we have heard this said mostly by parents. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are immature but sometimes circumstances cause such a phrase to come out. This comes off as insulting though and belittles the little confidence your partner has. 

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