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Women need these to feel like a woman in a relationship

Relationship is the second most discussed topic in the world. The first is Religion. So when Religion is not there,, the most discussed topic in the world is Relationship and it's imbedded sub topics. Women tends to have more issues in a relationship than men. This is so because, women put all their relationship issues to heart.

A woman's most priority in a relationship is to happy. She want to feel like a woman, she wants to be pampered, adored, honoured and Loved. All the above mentioned comes before money to women. but men thought, since they are able to give out more cash, their women are happy. That is not True. A woman who really know what she want will reject money and thinks of her happiness and feelings first before money.

Let's look at what you need to makes her feels like a woman :

1.Love her, when you love her genuinely is shows in your attitude towards the lady and she feels it and knows that she's being loved.Your attitude determines if you loves her or not and she feels same.

2.Help Her, little helps that you render to her males feel so proud of you and will cherish whatever little help you render to her. Help her in the kitchen, washing, taking care of the children by, bathing them sometimes,

3. Surprise Her, once in a while when she least expect it, give a surprise. Buy something she loves and admires, don't wait always on occasions to show that surprise. You can once in a while choose her lingery when she's in the bath and drop it on the bed for her. Or you can even help her to wears it.

4. Be her King in bed. You have to know what it takes to be a king to her in bed. Know her in bed. Touches her at the vital point of a woman, know her body, know where to hit for her to reach the sky. Bring the Ectacy in her out for her , makes her to orgasm moat times in bed for her to feel like a real woman.

5. Be Proud of Her in the presence of her friends and family, let her know she's the best in the whole world that's why you went for her. Let her know besides her,there is no one. Makes her feels despite everything, you loved her the way she is.

6. Pamper her most times and speak love words to her, women love to hear sweet words, it makes them feel they are the best in the world.

Do these and your home will be so sweet. And she will makes you feels like her King.

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