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Funny Quote to read to release your stress

After a heart surgery, Atebotoofie told his doctor that his wife was afraid to have s*x with him. The Doctor assured him that it would do him no harm. Atebotoofie asked him to give it to him in writing and the doctor wrote furiously and gave it to him.It said, “Dear Mrs Atebotoofie, your husband is in such remarkable good physical condition, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could make love two or three times every night.”Atebotoofie was delighted but requested a small amendment, “Could you take out ‘Mrs Atebotoofie’ and make it, “To whom it may concern?”.

A policeman stopped a driver and his friend on the road and after checking his car papers and driver’s licence which were intact, the following conversation ensued:

POLICEMAN: If you start feeling sick on the steering, who would drive this car home?

DRIVER: I don’t intend to fall sick officer, but thank God I have my friend here. if I fall sick, he will drive me home.

POLICEMAN: (turns to his friend) Where is your driver’s license?

FRIEND: I don’t have one.

POLICEMAN: You are under arrest for intent to drive without a licence!

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