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Things You Should Always Do Before Having Sex

It is only right for a person to be fully prepared for intimacy. This will help one to access all required needs for the task, and prepare efficiently. Therefore, before engaging in any intimate activity as such, there is the need to take note of these things which need to be done before intimacy.

Regular Check Up With The Doctor

You never know when you'll be faced with problems. Regular check ups, keeps you up to date on your health status and also your function in bed. It helps reassure your partner, so to put their mind at rest without worrying.

Take A Bath

Intimacy normally goes down at night. And after a hard day's work, sweat makes the body dirty. It is appropriate for people to wash up before intimacy. Doing so in turn releases stress and makes one more relaxed, for the task at hand.

Always Have A Condom Ready

Here, incase of having intimacy with an unknown partner, having a condom is essential to protect oneself. This is likely to reduce one's chances of contracting STIs.

Stimulate The Brain

As in making sure you're mentally prepared. Like thinking of it or erotica, as it will excite and stimulate the hormones.

Hint At It

Couples don't always want to have intimacy. Some people have set specific times to be intimate, but it is good to notify each person to make them aware. Their response is what matters next.

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