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How to know if your partner has stopped Loving you.

Good Day my dear readers. I have an interesting question for us to ponder over in a this article. This question concern how to know if your partner has stopped Loving you or not. A lot of people find it difficult to tell whether the union and Love they felt with their partners are increasing or decreasing. Well lets find out how to know if they true love is more alive or dead.

First of all, let me tell you that there's a possibility for someone who used to love to loose interest but the problem is will they tell you they have lost interest? Or will they pretend as if everything is fine? Below are some ways you can know so that you can protect your heart from heartbreak.

1. There's nothing like Unconditional Love; What I mean by unconditional love is a love without a condition. The only one who loves with condition is God. As for humans, there is always a reason why a guy will move to a girl and there is a reason why a girl will accept the proposal of a guy. Find out what these conditions are and then fuel it so that your partner will love you endlessly.When the things about you that moved your partner no longer moves him or her, just know that they have lost interest in the relationship and they have stopped loving you.

2. They no longer do the things they used to do; ASSUMPTIONS THEY SAY IS COSTLY, never assume for your partner, always demand an answer for every question you have, if your partner used to call you thrice a week and now he only calls once, demand an answer that assume he is tired or occupied, if you do this you will find out if your partner has stopped loving you or not.

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