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“My Uncle Wants To Marry Me After He Had Sex With Me” - Lady Reveals

When you hear people's story, you end up always getting motivated about things of this life. Alot of people need piece of advice to help them decide what to do in life.

A lady uses social media to seek advice from people as to what to do about a problem she seems to be facing. According this 28 years lady, she lost her father when she was 15 years of age.

Since then things became difficult for them till she completed her junior high school. According to her, there was no money to help her further her education to the secondary school.

She made it known that, they had a very rich uncle who was very wicked and would never give out money to any of his family members who needed it badly. 

 One day her mother sat her down and advised her to visit her uncle and lure him into bed if she was really determined to further her education.

 According to the lady her mother ended up convincing her into have sex with the supposed rich uncle in order to get her Secondary school bills paid and needs attended to.

 Well, she found it difficult but had no choice than to pay heed to her mother's advice since she wanted to also further her education. She went to the uncles place to pay him a visit and did as her mother instructed her. Since them her uncle can't stop having sex with her. He promised to foot her educational bills till she completes university.

 According to her, on some days, she escaped to come home to satisfy her uncle at home. After her secondary school education, her uncle told the mother that he would have to get married to her before he takes care of her in the Tertiary. According to the lady, she regretted for doing such a thing with her own uncle.

 She now vows not to ever do such a thing again. She stated emphatically that her mother keeps forcing her to do that so that she can go to the university which is important than the secondary school.

Her problem is for netizens to help her decide whether to go back to what she was doing or maintain her stand of not ever going back.

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