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Husband and wife relationship

Wife Finally Comes Home 17years After She Left, See What The Husband Did Immediately He Saw Her

By marrying, a man enters into a contract with the devil. When a man does so, he always makes a bargain with the devil. Even if they encounter obstacles along the way, they are destined to spend the remainder of their lives together. 

Many married couples end up living apart as a means of survival in their situations, and it is inevitable that they fall in love with one another from a distance. A video of a long-famous mother and daughter reunited for the first time in seventeen years was uploaded to YouTube by an award-winning internet blog with millions of followers.

The woman is accompanied by a variety of other women in the film. As soon as she entered the home, she greeted everyone with Ala Salaamu wa Leliah (May God/greetings be upon you, or The house is Salaamahu-o-o-o-alaiksama). And they could be heard welcoming their mother and wife on their way, who were practically waiting for them to deliver her cell.

There was unbridled uncontrollable joy. She was overjoyed to see her husband, but he had never known happiness of this magnitude before. Due to his inability to speak, he turned into a sphinxcha; joy overcame him and tears welled up in his eyes. There you have it. Consider the following:

Individuals started posting their views and complaints about the video on the issue board shortly after it was posted. Here are some examples of their responses.

According to reports, she has been a resident of the United Kingdom for 17 years and has been doing so for some time now on the daily post. When it comes to separating ourselves from loved ones, we do not succeed easily. What wonderful fortune to run into so many familiar faces and to live in such lovely surroundings. What are your thoughts on it?

Source: -famous blog /Instagram App

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Ala Salaamu Leliah Salaamahu-o-o-o-alaiksama


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