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Is Date Rush Real OR Just Scripted?. Everything You Need To Know on the Interesting program On TV3"

Date Rush On TV3 Scripted Or Real?

As the question suggests,

This Article would clear your thoughts ,concerning everything you must know on Date Rush ,whether Real or Scripted .

Find out more;

Date Rush , one of Ghana’s most interesting television series to watch on TV3 is beginning to feel and look scripted but the question is, is it?

T start with , Date Rush has become the type of entertainment series almost every single Ghanaian enjoys watching past 3 years now

we have it recorded that, Date Rush was launched on 2nd September, 2008 with the first episode , which means this series has been in existence for quite a while now.

As long as the history of the program is concerned, the first ever record set during the 9th episode of Date will never be forgotten,

Just a year backward , Ignatius, a guest who was to choose one of the beautiful ladies out on a date refused or rejected them all on the 3rd of May 2020. And what he did , appears to have not happened in the history of Date Rush before. See his picture below ,

It's unfortunate Ghanaians nowadays are beginning to question the attestation of the show, some are beginning to feel and say it’s scripted which means its not as real as the show producers want people to know.

To keep the ball rolling ,an old participant ,who for some security reasons didn’t say his name came out to testify to the reality of the show.

He made mention of he been one of the old participant who started the show with TV3 in 2008

According to him, he said he didn’t pay for any form to take part in the show

Moreover, he was only briefed on what to do at every stage, thus how to look into the camera and how to react by the producers.

In conclusion he added that, the most important part of the show is you involving yourself, the organizers and producers won’t tell you what to say but rather they will brief you on every single stage and what to do ,

The rest of the show is in your hands so you have to play it well and you must really involve yourself

Below is the full video on everything you need to know about Date Rush,

Don’t forget to add your views on what you think about Date Rush, been Realistic or just Scripted in the comment section below.

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