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You should never hide these 3 things from your partner, no matter how difficult it may be.

In a relationship there are certain things you need to open up to your partner because it is very important. Not just important but will also help you and your partner get to know each other better. And in some cases, most relationships fail due to the lack of straightforwardness between one another. A relationship where secrets are kept away from each other doesn't last long, that is the reason why everything should be transparent. Especially in these aspects.

Here are 3 things you should never hide from your partner.

1. Your health status.

This is very important in every relationship. Your health status is one of those things you should never hide in your relationship. In so many cases, why so many relationships fail is because of health status. Don't buy the idea of hiding your health status in your relationship. Because this will only make things more complicated when your partner finds out. So if you're having any health challenge, let your partner know if he or she truly loves you, as they say. They will always support you in searching for a solution.

2. Your age.

In every relationship, your partner deserves to know your real age or how old you are. Today some people make this mistake of not telling their partner their real age. Hiding your age from your partner will do no good, then complicated things when they find out. Nobody will accept or like a person without knowing their age or after finding out that he or she lies to them about their age. So it is very important your partner knows your real age. This will make them love you more and surprise you on this very special day.

3. Your Ex. 

It is also advisable you let your partner know your ex. Especially when he or she lives close to you. I know this can be difficult, but it is also important. Your partner deserves to know your ex. Sometimes why most people fail to let their partner know about their ex is because they thought this would bring misunderstanding or disagreement. But for a matured partner it will never be.

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